5 Lessons Learned After Studying Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

When I set out on my Chinese Medicine educational journey, I could have never imagined where it would lead me…   After all, I was just a high-schooler whose own Chinese Medicine practitioner decided to take me under her wing.   My studies led me to Beijing, then back to Toronto, and eventually led me to open up my own practice. I was able to meet and learn from the most renowned and respected practitioners in the industry.   It also kickstarted my deep study in Osteopathy.   Unlike many Chinese Medicine practitioners or Acupuncturists, I have specialized knowledge in all three disciplines. Because having the unique ability to pull from multiple bodies of knowledge allows me to fill in the gaps when needed. This means I can serve you better and puts me in the best position to help you optimize your health.   Over the years, I have […]

How to detect pain… Part 2!

A lot of my patients ask me, “How do you know where the pain is?” Picture this: You are standing in front of a large table topped with a cloth. Blindfolded. You’re asked to hold the two corners of the table cloth and create a wave – just like when you were a kid with the parachute. Even though you can’t see the cloth move, you can feel that it’s making a big wave with ease. Then imagine a cup of water is placed on top of the cloth. And you’re asked to do the same thing. But when you try to create the wave, you no longer feel the ease. Instead, there is an obstruction. And the air beneath the wave has to flow around the obstruction to get to the other side. This is exactly how injury works in the human body. Think of the table cloth as […]

Accidental Acupuncturist by Everyday Acupuncture

Recently, I did something I have never done before… It forced me to venture way outside my comfort zone. But it was a memorable experience nonetheless: I was interviewed for an American Acupuncture podcast show! I shared my thoughts on the integration of Eastern and Western intervention techniques for chronic pain management. We also chatted about where acupuncture fits in through the lens of modern day Scientific research. I found it difficult not following a script. But it was key to creating an organic and natural conversation surrounding everything from acupuncture to chronic conditions – and how I became an Acupuncturist accidentally. Want to know what you’ll hear during the interview? Here is just a glimpse at the golden nuggets we covered during our time together: ●  Your body is built to self-heal. But there is a specific wear-and-tear pattern that impacts your body’s natural ability to recover. Learn what […]