“How long will the pain last?”

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When patients are in pain from an injury, the first thing they want to know is: “how long will the pain last?” and “will it ever get better?”   I always tell them that recovery time depends on how severe the injury is and how long they’ve had it for.   As a general rule of thumb, injuries can take the same amount of time to heal (undevelop) as they did to develop. So if you succumbed to an injury 3-4 days ago, then it could take 3-4 days to fully recover if you get the right treatment. But if you’ve had an injury that has been lingering around for years, or even decades, then we have to shift gears to control and maintain the issue. In fact, those are our two goals: first, we need to control it, then, we need to maintain it.   To achieve our first […]

Have an injury? Here’s what to avoid! Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

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One of the most common questions I get asked is, “should I use heat or cold for an injury?”   And when I answer, “heat,” people often look perplexed…   …They start thinking about all of the times mainstream medicine practitioners recommended they use ice after an injury.   Here’s why it’s best to use heat after an injury: While the cold is good for the temporary relief of pain, you could be inhibiting the injury repair process by using ice.   So unless you’re a performance athlete who needs to function without pain, then you’re better off using heat outside the acute phase of injury (2-3 days after injury).   Mainstream medicine recommends injured patients use ice to “decrease inflammation.” However, the issue with that is inflammation is perfectly normal.   Ice decreases inflammation. However, inflammation is a completely natural bodily response to help the body protect itself so […]