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Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine from 1550 B.C. in Egypt, and spread across European and Asian civilizations.  Cupping is performed when a vacuum is created to suction the skin locally, drawing the skin upwards.  Cupping can last for two minutes to fifteen minutes depending on the condition.  Generally, it is used to promote the movement of blood flow and promote healing within the muscles (myofascia).  Clinically, I find this technique is great for treatment of pain, deep scars, and swelling within the muscles.  In Chinese medicine, cupping is used to treat stagnation (stagnant blood, lymph, and qi).  Wet cupping is also called medicinal bleeding.  Using acupuncture, muscles can be pierced then cupped.  This technique helps improve blood profusion and circulation to the local area thus improving recovery time. Side effects are bruised marks which dissipate in a few days to a week depending on the health of the patient.

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