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Chinese Herbal Medicine is ancient practice that involves mixtures of plant extracts (herbs), minerals, animals, and insects.  Sounds bitter right?  well, so is coffee!  This aspect of Chinese medicine focuses on maintaining health, and treatment of particular diseases by restoring balance of energy (qi), Body (yin), and the spirit (yang).

Chinese herbs help fine tune the immune system, prevent imbalances, helps fight colds, flus, allergies, digestive disorders, pain control / relief, and improve quality of life.
Each formula contains 2-12 different ingredients.  It may come in a form of tea, pills, powders, tinctures, syrup liniments (plaster compress).

There are over 450 individually prepared herbs, and 270 standard formulas.  Each formula is used to match and fit the pattern of disharmony.  As the patient’s health changes, the imbalances change, and so the formula will also change.

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