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How an IT technician would explain my job – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

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When I get asked, “What do you do?”   I know that nobody wants to sit through my technical scientific explanation, so I explain it in terms everyone can understand: in basic IT terms.   Imagine buying a brand-new computer.   As soon as you take it out of the box, you can bet it’s running quickly and smoothly. But as the years go by, a significant amount of software gets installed, files get cluttered, and videos get downloaded. And eventually, all of this wears on your once new computer and it slows down over time.   Of course, we try to preserve our computer with antivirus software, system updates, and even a defragmentation of the hard drive.   We use countless tools to enhance and optimize system performance, but will it ever be in the same condition as the day you took it out of the box?   Unfortunately […]

“Does Acupuncture Really Work?” Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

Many of the new patients that walk through my doors are very curious about acupuncture and wonder if it will work for them.   While some people see results faster than others, virtually everybody starts feeling improvements after their very first session.   The big question is, “how does acupuncture work?”   I’m going to do my best to explain it to you, while sparing you the gory details.   Sound good?   To start, let’s talk about nerves.   Nerves are what allow you to feel, breathe, touch, and move. They are responsible for all your senses and affect every major part of your body like your organs, heart, digestive system, and more. It is also how you feel pain, heat, cold, soft, rough, etc.   Acupuncture targets the nerves at your fingertips and toes because those fine, sensory points are what help you to restore balance.   In […]

4 Things I Learned From Dissecting A Human Body

This summer, I dissected a 77-year old man.  I’m contributing to a neuro anatomical textbook by using real human specimens.   It was in a summer course called the The Complementary and Alternative Medicine Human Dissection Experience (CAM – HD Experience). It’s at Queens University and it is run by Craig Harness MSc, DO(Q).   This is an incredible self-guided program where you get 10 days of dissection!   Dissection is an amazing experience for any health care practitioner because it allows you to see the body for what it’s really like – and not just what you see in textbooks. Textbooks show bodies as if we were “perfect” on the inside.   Without actually seeing a body “in the flesh” you can never really grasp how complex the body truly is.   Think about it… flying a plane is not like using a flight simulator, is it?   So […]