Yin and Yang and how it is used it to help you achieve optimal health – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic – Samuel Lo

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Yin and Yang are famously associated with Chinese medicine, you may already know that it is the foundation of diagnosis and treatment.  Did you know that the concept is just as important to my work with osteopathy and western medicine? Let me explain.   In Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang are used to represent the balance between health and disease. It represents a constantly changing homeostasis. We can only be healthy when they are in balance.   In osteopathy I also seek to maintain a homeostasis.  In the practice of osteopathy we aim to strike a balance of structure (yin) vs balance (yang).   In traditional medicine there are numerous systems that we try to keep in balance.  Which include, muscles and bones, hormones in the endocrine system, and the nervous system.   During my assessment of  a patients health identifying the balance between the Yin and Yang is the foundation […]

Fact or Fiction? The Great “Triple Burner” Debate!

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Have you ever seen the show, “Fact or Fiction?” If not, it goes like this: each week, an unbelievable story is told and the viewers get to judge if they believe the story is fact or fiction.   In Chinese medicine, we have our very own “fact or fiction” debate. Except this debate is centuries-old and we still don’t have the answer.   This ongoing debate has stayed in the back of my mind for years.   Here’s what it’s all about: TCM practitioners have long questioned the existence of the organ, The Triple Burner. Unlike all of the other organs in the human body, it is the only one with no physical component.   It’s said to be the organ with a name but no form.   How could that be?   Well, the triple burner “holds the office of the sluices (water channel controlled by gates); it manifests […]