Here’s what happens to your body as you age… Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

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Did you ever get injured as a kid?   Maybe you fell off your bike. Or got hurt on the playground.   You might remember that the recovery period was relatively quick and painless.  Or perhaps there was no recovery period at all. Maybe you simply picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and kept on playing.   So why can’t we pick ourselves up and keep on playing when we get injured as adults?   When we’re born, we have a natural ability to recover well and heal quickly.   In fact, a study (Sheffield 1970) reveals that children under the age of six have the ability to heal naturally. Just like salamanders that regenerate lost limbs and sliced spinal cords. Unfortunately, this natural healing ability changes as we get older.   As we advance in age, our inherent ability to regenerate diminishes. In the medical world, we call this […]

Have an injury? Here’s what to avoid! Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

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One of the most common questions I get asked is, “should I use heat or cold for an injury?”   And when I answer, “heat,” people often look perplexed…   …They start thinking about all of the times mainstream medicine practitioners recommended they use ice after an injury.   Here’s why it’s best to use heat after an injury: While the cold is good for the temporary relief of pain, you could be inhibiting the injury repair process by using ice.   So unless you’re a performance athlete who needs to function without pain, then you’re better off using heat outside the acute phase of injury (2-3 days after injury).   Mainstream medicine recommends injured patients use ice to “decrease inflammation.” However, the issue with that is inflammation is perfectly normal.   Ice decreases inflammation. However, inflammation is a completely natural bodily response to help the body protect itself so […]