How an IT technician would explain my job – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

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When I get asked, “What do you do?”   I know that nobody wants to sit through my technical scientific explanation, so I explain it in terms everyone can understand: in basic IT terms.   Imagine buying a brand-new computer.   As soon as you take it out of the box, you can bet it’s running quickly and smoothly. But as the years go by, a significant amount of software gets installed, files get cluttered, and videos get downloaded. And eventually, all of this wears on your once new computer and it slows down over time.   Of course, we try to preserve our computer with antivirus software, system updates, and even a defragmentation of the hard drive.   We use countless tools to enhance and optimize system performance, but will it ever be in the same condition as the day you took it out of the box?   Unfortunately […]

“Will Acupuncture Hurt?” Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

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Nearly everyone who has entered into Toronto Acupuncture Clinic for their first acupuncture treatment wants to know:   “Will Acupuncture Hurt?”   As a Registered Acupuncturist in Toronto, my short answer is “yes and no.”   Yes, because it does hurt – but not in the way they’re asking me about.   See, when most people think about getting an acupuncture treatment, they imagine being poked and prodded with “scary” hypodermic needles. These are the needles that are normally used in syringes to either inject or extract fluids from the body.   Hypodermic needles are “hollow” (with a hole on their tip). They have a sharp wedge or beveled edge used to “cut” into the tissue.   Are you squirming in your seat?   That’s how most people react when they imagine these hypodermic needles. And some people have a phobia to these needles that is called, aichmophobia (fear of pointed […]