Effect of Somato-Sensory Training on Intra-Examiner Reliability in Determining the Evenness of Standardized Paired Blocks

Hypothesis 1.  Somatosensory calibration training improves the ability to determine evenness on standardized paired blocks. 2.  Somatosensory calibration training will increase intra-examiner reliability in determining evenness on standardized paired blocks. Statistical significance will be measured by using p ≤ .05. Abstract Objective / Purpose: Osteopathic medicine practitioners require reliable manual palpatory skills for identifying structural abnormalities (asymmetries).  Past osteopathic and non-osteopathic palpation training studies have shown poor inter-rater reliability and intra- rater reliability.   The objective of this study is to determine if a fabricated training tool (symmetrical) can help calibrate the somatosensory system.  The study looks at whether this tool improves a clinician’s ability to detect smaller differences in asymmetry and increase inter-reliability and intra-reliability. Methods: Testing and training will be performed by participant students from the year one through five classes at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO). The study will include two groups (experimental condition group, and control group) and two […]