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How a bag of soup helps me detect pain – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic – Samuel Lo

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When a patient who is experiencing pain enters my office, one of their most common questions is: “How do you know where the pain is?”   Here’s what I tell them:   Imagine your body as a bag of soup with multiple layers.   Now picture pressing your finger into that bag of soup…   …What happened to your finger?   Well, your finger would be absorbed by the bag of soup. But if you remove your finger, the bag would return to its original shape, wouldn’t it?   Typically, in a healthy individual, it’s always the same process: your finger gets absorbed when you press it into a bag of soup. And when you remove it, the soup returns to its original shape.   So what does a bag of soup have to do with pain?   Here’s the secret sauce: I can find pain when your soup pushes […]

Yin and Yang and how it is used it to help you achieve optimal health – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic – Samuel Lo

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Yin and Yang are famously associated with Chinese medicine, you may already know that it is the foundation of diagnosis and treatment.  Did you know that the concept is just as important to my work with osteopathy and western medicine? Let me explain.   In Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang are used to represent the balance between health and disease. It represents a constantly changing homeostasis. We can only be healthy when they are in balance.   In osteopathy I also seek to maintain a homeostasis.  In the practice of osteopathy we aim to strike a balance of structure (yin) vs balance (yang).   In traditional medicine there are numerous systems that we try to keep in balance.  Which include, muscles and bones, hormones in the endocrine system, and the nervous system.   During my assessment of  a patients health identifying the balance between the Yin and Yang is the foundation […]

Biography of Samuel Lo

In 1994 I was involved in a bike accident, and I had difficulties walking. The Western physicians wanted to do surgery, but my mom was insistent that we seek alternative healthcare. She asked all her friends who to go to and Dr. Lum Mun was the one I was introduced to by Mrs. Lau (a family friend). So my mom took me to Scarborough to her clinic which was a small dank little room behind the bookstore. Nothing was clean and there were mice. She said that she can get me walking pain-free within six weeks. Within four weeks I was walking without pain. I was really impressed. Around this point in time, mom was involved in a car accident, and was seeking help from dr lim. Dr lim asked me to treat mom “massage here everyday” so I did. When dr lam checked her over the week after, she was […]