How to detect pain… Part 2!

A lot of my patients ask me, “How do you know where the pain is?” Picture this: You are standing in front of a large table topped with a cloth. Blindfolded. You’re asked to hold the two corners of the table cloth and create a wave – just like when you were a kid with the parachute. Even though you can’t see the cloth move, you can feel that it’s making a big wave with ease. Then imagine a cup of water is placed on top of the cloth. And you’re asked to do the same thing. But when you try to create the wave, you no longer feel the ease. Instead, there is an obstruction. And the air beneath the wave has to flow around the obstruction to get to the other side. This is exactly how injury works in the human body. Think of the table cloth as […]

“Does Acupuncture Really Work?” Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

Many of the new patients that walk through my doors are very curious about acupuncture and wonder if it will work for them.   While some people see results faster than others, virtually everybody starts feeling improvements after their very first session.   The big question is, “how does acupuncture work?”   I’m going to do my best to explain it to you, while sparing you the gory details.   Sound good?   To start, let’s talk about nerves.   Nerves are what allow you to feel, breathe, touch, and move. They are responsible for all your senses and affect every major part of your body like your organs, heart, digestive system, and more. It is also how you feel pain, heat, cold, soft, rough, etc.   Acupuncture targets the nerves at your fingertips and toes because those fine, sensory points are what help you to restore balance.   In […]