This is How You Fix Multiple Conditions – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

This is How You Fix Multiple Conditions – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

Picture this: one day you wake up to discover your home has been flooded.


In a panic, you call your local plumber, Joe.


By the time Joe strolls in, you throw your arms up in the air and barely take a breath as you rant about your damaged walls, your ruined carpet, the irreparable dresser, spoiled clothing, etc.


So why am I asking you to imagine this nightmare?


Well, a flooded home is the perfect example of how problems can spread from one system to another.


So how do we fix it?


In this situation, what’s important is that we find the drain to the basement. We must know why it is plugged, and what happened to it.


Why is the drain important?


If the plumber can fix the drain, then even if there is a flood tomorrow, the water will eventually leave the home.


We see the same phenomenon in the body.


As an acupuncturist and osteopathic manual practitioner, my job is to link all of your conditions together and determine exactly where in your system they all connect. Then, if I can concentrate my needles in that exact spot, I can potentially create an effect on the entire system which is what we call “systemic effect.”


If you are suffering from multiple problems, you want an acupuncturist who uses as few needles as possible to fix as many things as possible. Minimum needles for maximum impact.


Trust me, you don’t want an acupuncturist who is going to use 100 needles for 100 problems. But you also don’t want one who claims they can fix problems with just one needle.


Why? I’m skeptical of that “one needle” claim because we don’t know if the treatments will hold. We don’t know whether or not the problems will reoccur tomorrow.


So what you want to do is you want tune up the system so that it can run on its own. This way you grow healthier as time goes on. But if there’s a problem and it’s just not getting better on its own, then that’s a good time to intervene.


For example, if you sprained an ankle or have the flu and it has just been weeks and weeks and you’re not getting any better, then this would be a good time to come in for a check up to see what’s holding the system back.


Remember, just one problem can spread to other systems of the body so it’s important to find the root cause and laser-focus on it.


Are you ready for a tune-up? Or would you like to schedule your first Toronto acupuncture treatment?


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