“Will Acupuncture Hurt?” Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

“Will Acupuncture Hurt?” Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

  • Big Glass syringe. Authentic image. Close up

Nearly everyone who has entered into Toronto Acupuncture Clinic for their first acupuncture treatment wants to know:


“Will Acupuncture Hurt?”


As a Registered Acupuncturist in Toronto, my short answer is “yes and no.”


Yes, because it does hurt – but not in the way they’re asking me about.

Big Glass syringe. Authentic image. Close up

Real Glass syringe – Close up – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic


See, when most people think about getting an acupuncture treatment, they imagine being poked and prodded with “scary” hypodermic needles. These are the needles that are normally used in syringes to either inject or extract fluids from the body.


Hypodermic Needle

Hypodermic Needle – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

Hypodermic needles are “hollow” (with a hole on their tip). They have a sharp wedge or beveled edge used to “cut” into the tissue.


Are you squirming in your seat?


That’s how most people react when they imagine these hypodermic needles. And some people have a phobia to these needles that is called, aichmophobia (fear of pointed objects).


So, it’s actually this phobia – aichmophobia – that causes people to forego acupuncture treatment.


You may be wondering, “Well, what do acupuncture needles look like?”


Good question.


When you look at acupuncture needles under the microscope, you’ll see that they are actually cone shaped.


Why a cone?


Well, they are designed to push things to the side to get to the intended targets. The acupuncture needles are also incredibly thin. To give you an idea of how thin they are: you could actually fit 35-40 acupuncture needles into the “barrel” of a hypodermic needle depending on gage and size.


These hair-thin, cone-shaped acupuncture needles are not at all intended to hurt you. In fact, many people undergo acupuncture treatment to help reduce pain. You can also rest assured that they are sterile, for single use, never re-used, and always disposed of properly in a safety sharps container.


Acupuncture needles within Hypodermic Needle

Acupuncture needles within Hypodermic Needle – Toronto Acupuncture Clinic

Patients feel various sensations where the needles are placed. Sensations can be described as “heavy,” “achy” or “electrical” and can travel to different parts of the body.  This is also called “Di Qi.”


After the needles are all inserted, most of my patients become so relaxed, that they fall into a peaceful asleep.


Have I managed to calm your fears of undergoing acupuncture treatment?


Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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