5 Lessons Learned After Studying Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

5 Lessons Learned After Studying Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

When I set out on my Chinese Medicine educational journey, I could have never imagined where it would lead me…


After all, I was just a high-schooler whose own Chinese Medicine practitioner decided to take me under her wing.


My studies led me to Beijing, then back to Toronto, and eventually led me to open up my own practice. I was able to meet and learn from the most renowned and respected practitioners in the industry.


It also kickstarted my deep study in Osteopathy.


Unlike many Chinese Medicine practitioners or Acupuncturists, I have specialized knowledge in all three disciplines. Because having the unique ability to pull from multiple bodies of knowledge allows me to fill in the gaps when needed. This means I can serve you better and puts me in the best position to help you optimize your health.


Over the years, I have learned life-changing teachings and lessons. Here are the top 5 I picked up along the way…


Lesson #1: Circulation is Vital  


When blood and liquids circulate, they breathe new life into all areas of the body. It allows your cells to grow and regenerate. It nourishes injuries with nutrients and removes toxins. All of this allows your body to do its best self-healing work.


Both Osteopaths and Acupuncturists agree that the opposite is also true: Blocked liquids stunt growth and regeneration.


In Osteopathy, we say, “The rule of the artery is absolute!”


In TCM, we say, “Tong Zhi Bu Tong, Bu Tong Zhi Tong”…


”Tong Zhi”, what?….


It means “if there is pain, there is no free flow – if there is no free flow, there is pain.”


Lesson #2: All Injuries Can Be Traced Back to a Root Cause


Whenever you experience pain or an injury, you can likely trace it back to a specific  pattern of wear and tear. This “domino effect” of wear and tear occurs because your body is responding to misalignment or the natural elements.


Osteopathy focuses on your body’s alignment. It’s teaching surround the onset of mechanical issues when your body is not well centered.


Chinese medicine is about the natural rules of the body. It goes deep into how the elements of nature like dampness, cold and wind can form specific patterns of pathogenic outcomes.


Lesson #3: The Importance of Identifying Internal vs External Issues


So what do I mean by “internal or external”?


When you feel pain or injury, most people assume that the problem is external.  


But that is not always the case.


That’s why both Osteopathy and Acupuncture ask the question, is the problem coming from the inside or outside?”  


Practitioners are trained to follow a line of questions to pinpoint the source of the problem. Questions like…


Was there external trauma or force preventing things from improving?


Is it an internal (visceral) issue that is causing a predisposition to a certain injury?


Lesson #4: There are Multiple Levels to the Body Where Injury Can Occur


In the past, I’ve talked about the different levels and states of the body.


Here’s a refresher…


There is the physical level which is the “sponge” that holds the liquids.


Then there are the liquids that are absorbed by the sponge.


And then there is the energetic “level“ of the body that is held within the liquids.


Because injuries can occur in any one of those levels, the recovery is not always the same.


Lesson #5: Everything is Connected


One of the most magical and fascinating teachings in both Osteopathy and Acupuncture is that everything is connected.


The interrelationships in the human body are profound and extraordinary. Seemingly unrelated things are connected in ways you never would have even dreamed possible.


But the question remains, “how are they connected? And on what levels are they connected?”


There are various levels where these mysterious connections are made, including: 5 element theory, 12 meridians, qi, blood, muscular skeletal, fascia, liquid, pressure, neurologically, viscerally, endocrine level, embryological, spiritual, time and space.


These lessons are the basis of my practice and the principles I use to get my patients to the next level of health.


If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, go ahead and contact me here.


‘Til Next Time,

Sam Lo

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